The key strategic development area of the United Grain Company (OZK) is the formation of the infrastructure platform to create conditions for boosting production in the Russian agricultural sector. The fundamental principle of the OZK activities is to ensure and maintain a balance between acting as a conductor of the state policy i the development of grain silo capacities, transport and port infrastructure of the domestic grain market as well as increased export grain potential of the Russian Federation, and achieving the Company commercial goals.

The Company priorities are to increase the trade and purchase volumes in the grain market of the Russian Federation and unlock the export potential of the Russian Federation by setting up a state-of-the-art export-oriented grain logistics infrastructure from the agricultural producer to the end consumer.

The strategy provides for developing of the Company potential as an agent implementing state regulation measures in the domestic grain market. As part of sustainability improvement efforts, the Company is offered an opportunity to implement projects in the field of food and country diversification.