Buturlinovskii melkombinat, OJSC

Buturlinovskii melkombinat, OJSC

Description of the production complex:

Buturlinovskii melkombinat, OJSC is a high-tech processing complex. The assets of the enterprise include: two elevators with the volume of one-time storage of 56 thousand tonnes; feed mill with capacity of up to 450 tonnes per day with the possibility of granulation of finished products and bran; a flour mill with a capacity of 500 tonnes per day with the possibility of delivering finished products to vehicles (including truck trucks) and to railway cars; a cereal workshop with a capacity of up to 80 tonnes per day for processing grain into cereals and flour from cereals. The mill uses high-performance equipment and modern technologies, uses a wet method of cleaning the surface of grain. This allows you to produce high-grade flour of very high quality, with the so-called European whiteness.


  • keeper of the grain of the federal intervention fund
  • grain keeper (basis of goods supply) within exchange trades of National Commodity Exchange, JSC

Product range:

    Flour Mill Products:
  • bakery wheat flour (according to GOST and Terms of Reference) - bulk, packaging 50kg, 10kg, 2kg, 1kg
  • coarse - 1kg & 50kg packing
  • wheat bran - 25kg packing
  • grain waste
  • Cereal products:
  • cereal - 40kg, 0.7kg packing
  • pearl cereal - 50 kg, 0.9 kg packing
  • pea cereal - 50 kg packing
  • fine wheat grits - 40kg, 0.6kg packing
  • Feedstuff products:
  • PK-5 for broilers - 40kg packing
  • PK-1 for bearing chickens - 40kg packing
  • KK-65 for KRS - 40kg packing
  • KK-58 for pigs - 40kg packing
  • granulated bran - 40kg packing

Regions of grain supply for transshipment:

  • Russian Federation
  • Arkhangelsk region
  • Belgorod region
  • Bryansk region
  • Voronezh region
  • Kaliningrad region
  • Krasnodar Territory
  • Leningrad region
  • Moscow region
  • Novgorod region
  • Saratov region
  • Tula region


Management: Roman Tokarev

Commercial Department:
Sales Department: