Grain Company

United Grain Company (OZK) is the largest infrastructure and trading company, it provides the export potential of Russian grain on the world market and carries out trade and procurement activities in the domestic grain market, as part of the national food security and agricultural support program of Russia.

720thousand tons of grain
storage in 9 elevators

490 thousand tons
grain are processed
by 3 enterprises
7,8million tons per year
of port transshipment

24,4billion rubles total
volume of investment

JSC UGC, being a strategic state-owned operator in the Russian grain market, and acting in the interests of executing the state strategy for the development of infrastructure and logistics facilities and the export potential of agricultural products, implements large-scale investment projects.
64,5billion rubles
consolidated revenue
for 2020

2,6 million tons
turnover for 2020
JSC UGC is a government agent for purchase and commodity interventions, as well as an authorized agent of humanitarian aid of the Russian Government.