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Dmitry Sergeev: We are changing with the market

Dmitry Sergeev: We are changing with the market

On the anniversary of his appointment, Dmitry Sergeev, General Director of OZK JSC, presented a new corporate identity for the company.

“Over the two years of the new OZK team’s work, many significant events have taken place: we’ve entered the top-5 of Russian grain exporters, set a record for transshipment, opened and continue to open new markets; and now we’re implementing an extensive investment program to modernize assets. Rebranding – the introduction of a new individual and recognizable corporate identity – is one of the steps of the company's transformation following the new development strategy. The market is changing, and we are changing with it”, commented Dmitry Sergeev.

According to Dmitry Sergeev, the evolution of the existing identity is caused by the company’s positioning as one of the key players on the international food (grain) market, which sets the high standards for responsibility and service quality in Russian grain and other farmers’ products supply to the global market.

“Rebranding was implemented for the first time in 12 years of the company's existence,” stressed Dmitry Sergeev.

The main values of OZK, besides mutually beneficial Win-Win cooperation, are responsibility before the country, Russian agriculture, and foreign partners.

An important decision is the change of the company's naming – the new abbreviation OZK is easily pronounced in any language, understandable for all market players, regardless of country of origin.

The new corporate style is also approachable and clear since it’s built on two understandable concepts: the "O" letter in the logo resembles the Sun rising over the sea, which energizes cereals; and the sea is a perfect logistic pathway, which can bring everything that people all around the globe may need.

Along with the abbreviation change, the company is to switch to the new main domain of the official website and corporate e-mail:

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